+255 754 675 639 info@kilismiletrailsandsafaris.com
+255 754 675 639 info@kilismiletrailsandsafaris.com

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Hamadi Gao, the owner and chief guide of Kili Smile Trails and Safari’s has a lifetime of experience not only on the mountain, but with the entire Tanzania National Parks system. He is originally from Tanga region in Northern Tanzania and moved to the Kilimanjaro area more than 15 years ago.

He has been working in the area in the tourism industry ever since. Specifically within Kilimanjaro National Park, he has worked on cleaning crews, as a Rescue Ranger, Park Ranger, porter and assistant guide before becoming a senior guide and starting his own company. Hamadi has a profound understanding of how and why nature is all about balance-sometimes he enjoys conveying to his guests, apart from that he always calm and quetly conveys his wealth of knowledge to the guests he guides.


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